Why is Anne Frank famous?

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asked Mar 30, 2015 in Culture & Society by Roma20P43001 (250 points)
Anne Frank’s diary is talked about at some point in both middle and high school English and History classes. There are so many victims of the Holocaust that recorded their stories though, and there are a lot of actual survivors that have wrote about what happened. So why is Anne Frank famous? What in particular is special about Anne Frank’s diary?

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answered Aug 6, 2015 by EarleneBarte (370 points)
For being a 13-year-old girl, Anne Frank’s diary is extremely well written and a lot of people even consider it a piece of literature. Anne Frank is famous because her story was relatable and really showed the gruesome truth of what happened during World War II. Her story isn’t new, but this almost makes it more tragic and appealing to read. She wrote in a way that made her experience real for the reader, which is why people are drawn to her story.
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answered Sep 15, 2015 by JinaFairfax4 (300 points)
Anne Frank is famous because her father Otto Frank worked hard to publicize her diary. He believed her message was important and should be shared, especially after such a horrible event happened. It might have been a part of his process of grieving and coming to terms with what happened to his family. Either way, he wanted her message to spread and he was successful in this attempt.
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answered Jun 30, 2015 by Jordan (1,150 points)
One thing that has made Anne Frank’s diary unique and appealing is that the place where she wrote it is still preserved. This has a powerful affect on why is Anne Frank famous because it has the added appeal of being able to visit this historical icon. Over a million people visit this home every year. There are so many photos of her and her family preserved as well that people can connect to her as a real person on a more personal level.
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answered Jul 4, 2015 by MakaylaArden (230 points)
Anne Frank’s diary has actually been translated into over 70 languages and it’s inspired many plays and movies since it was published. So in part, Anne Frank is famous because her diary has had a larger exposure to more people around the world. Almost every educated adult in the world has probably heard of Anne Frank and her story in some way because they have easy access to it.
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