why is Benjamin Franklin on the hundred dollar bill

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asked May 1, 2019 in Culture & Society by Melissa (740 points)
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I’m curious about something. Why is Benjamin Franklin’s face on the one hundred dollar bill? I mean it makes sense that most of the Presidents’ faces on the bill with one exception only, which is Alexander Hamilton, yet he’s such an important person to the establishment of US independence so I understand that, but why printing Benjamin Franklin, an inventor, on the hundred dollar bill?

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answered Jul 24, 2019 by Katrina (820 points)
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Since the one hundred dollar bill is the highest value bill currently in circulation in the US, it’s appropriate that one of America’s favorite founding fathers is honored on its face. He is one of two men to achieve the honor of being on US currency who never held the office of president, Alexander Hamilton being the other just as you know.

So why is Benjamin Franklin on the hundred dollar bill? Franklin was one of the men who were most instrumental in gaining this country’s independence from England. He played a pivotal role in developing some of the most important documents used to form the foundation of the USA’s policies and establish its commitment to democracy and justice for all. Also, it was Ben Franklin who secured the French Alliance, a crucial treaty with France that helped end the Revolutionary War and establish the United States of America as a totally independent country.
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Not only was Benjamin Franklin a great statesman and patriot, he was also a brilliant man. He was an inventor, perhaps best known for the experiments with electricity with a kite, a key, and a string. What he learned through those experiments opened the door for other major inventions, such as the inventor of light bulb Thomas Edison, and changed the world forever.

His other accomplishments including founding the very first fire department in Pennsylvania and creating the Franklin stove. While he was serving as Postmaster General, he developed the odometer to help make mail delivery more efficient. He was the creator of bifocals, one of his inventions I am using even as I set and write these words. And anyone who loves to read probably deeply appreciates the fact that Franklin created the first public lending library in the United States.

Benjamin Franklin wore many hats and served his country well. It is indeed fitting that we honor him by putting his face on the one hundred dollar bill.
commented May 28, 2015 by shane (780 points)
Wow, I knew he’s a great inventor, but I didn’t know he had accomplished so many achievements! I totally get it why is Benjamin Franklin on the hundred dollar bill now.
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