Why is calcium good for you?

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Why is calcium good for you? Could anyone explain it to me? Thanks in advance.

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Calcium plays an important role in human body. It is the significant composition of bones and teeth. Lack of calcium will result in osteoporosis, which can largely increase the risk of bone fracture and leg pain. The other function of calcium is to control the muscle spasm, thus making calcium the necessary nutrient for human. The following are the details.

1. Health of bones and teeth

In the same way lime makes concrete stronger, calcium makes the bones and teeth stronger. Like the cement holding together particles of stone in the concrete, calcium is deposited into growing bone cells. Stronger bone development throughout childhood means healthier bones in adulthood.

During the adolescent years, bone growth is rapid, so teenagers need a diet high in calcium. Calcium needs stabilize once a person reaches adulthood, but there are stages where the need for calcium rises, like during pregnancy or while recovering from injuries. Once a person has reached old age, their bones begin to lose their solidity. This condition is called osteoporosis. There are a number of reasons behind this, some of which are hormonal, and some related to the decreased calcium absorption by the intestines in the senior years. Additionally, some medications, such as antacids, diminish the body’s calcium absorption. Older people need to be especially careful about the amount of calcium in their diet and which medications they take.

2. Other calcium functions

While it does help promote healthy tooth enamel, calcium also helps muscles. Muscle cramps and even failures of heart muscles can happen if the muscles don’t receive the right amount of calcium. Nerve impulses won’t function correctly without the proper amount of calcium. For instance, muscles twitch when the neuromuscular cells receive an insufficient supply of calcium. Calcium is one of the most fundamental minerals for ensuring optimal functioning of your body.

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