Why is customer service important?

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asked Apr 6, 2019 in Career & Work by JamRabinovi (250 points)
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I just got my first job, and even though it’s nothing special I’m pretty proud to be working! I want to do well, and I hear all the bosses always talking about customer service. Recently my manager told me that I need to work on my customer service skills. Why is customer service important?

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answered Jun 25, 2019 by HeatherUther (400 points)
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Think about the things that make you want to keep shopping at a store. If the workers are rude and no one helps you, then you probably won’t want to go back. Customer service is important because it increases customer loyalty, which means they’ll keep coming back. Hopefully, they’ll come back more frequently and be motivated to spend more money because they appreciate the service. Returning customers means more business, and more business means job security! So it really is helping you to help the customers. I’ve quit shopping at certain companies because of really horrible service, but I’ve also continued shopping at places that weren’t exactly convenient just because they had great customer service.
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answered Jul 22, 2019 by JerrellLutwy (360 points)
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Most businesses rely on word of mouth to promote themselves and get more customers. So a good reputation is absolutely crucial for a successful business, which makes customer service important. People are more likely to tell their friends and family about a store that has really great customer experience because it makes them feel important and satisfied with their experience. A friendly environment is far more inviting for customers and establishes a good relationship between the company and the consumers. Any business class will teach you that this relationship is the most important part of a good business.
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answered May 9, 2019 by STILLYSTA (840 points)
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Yeah, why is customer service important? In my opinion, customer service is important because it means you’re performing the basic function of your job, which is to ALWAYS help the customers. If you’re not helping the customer then the customer isn’t getting what they need. No matter what kind of business you work for or job you have, if you are serving the public in any way then they have to come first. Customers not getting what they need means they aren’t buying or using your product. If no one is buying anything then you’re not making money and won’t have a job! Even if you’re just a basic employee and don’t really care about the company you work for, the business’ success still impacts you a lot. You’re at work anyway stuck there for a shift, so why not go above and beyond? Doing something and staying occupied makes time go by quicker than just standing there, so go check on your customers and make sure all their needs have been attended to. This makes them happy, improves your job performance, and makes the work day go by quicker!
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