Why is Dan Blizerian famous?

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A friend of mine recently mentioned someone named Dan Bilzerian. Is he famous in some way? I heard from my friend that he is a Hollywood actor, which is odd since I have never heard of him before so probably a D-list actor, and a professional poker player, a scene which I don’t follow. Why is Dan Blizerian famous, suddenly out of nowhere?

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By trade, Dan Blizerian is a venture capitalist, who has made a name as a thrill seeker, a professional high-stakes poker player and a Hollywood actor recently. He got a reputation as an international playboy, having a lavish lifestyle, carefree attitude and penchant for danger. By the age of 32, he is a regular in a high-stakes poker game, often playing in private with famous and rich people who probably give him the connection to be an actor in Hollywood. How high-stakes is high? One game could equate the salary of most people in a year.
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He is known in the gambling world to be a relentless gambler who will take any bets, be it swimming across a lake infested with alligators, or jumping from a 90-foot high cliff, maybe even just a simple flip of a coin or on random people’s opinion. Then he made headlines for winning a $385,000 high-stake drag race at the Las Vegas Speedway. He drove a 1965 A/C Cobra against a 2011 Ferrari 458, winning against what was considered to be one of the world’s fastest car.
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Did you really just ask why is Dan Blizerian famous?? Well, I think he is more infamous than anything. All of his role in Hollywood can be considered minor or just stuntman acting. But back in 2013, he received his major media attention with photos on his Instagram, showing off his lavish lifestyle, even though back in 2012, a website called TheDirty.com has started to document his life. Then in 2014, Dan Blizerian sued the producers of Lone Survivor since the producers didn’t hold their end of the bargain. Dan loaned $1 million for an exchange of screen time, which he didn’t get much off. August 2014 put him back in the spotlight where he was banned from a Miami nightclub, apparently for kicking a model in the face while trying to protect his female companion. Then in the December of the same year, he was in another lawsuit against, this time, a pornographic actress by the name of Janice Griffith, who was thrown off the room into the pool below by Blizerian as part of a photo shoot for Hustler. She missed the pool and broke her legs. There you go, he’s really a man whose Wikipedia only list all his negative actions for the section on “personal life”.
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