Why is it important to study history?

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In my humble opinion, I will say studying history is just a waste of time and resources.

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I must say you are totally wrong. There are numerous benefits of learning history and you must read them before you make this judgment!

The study of history is very essential because history enables us understand the problems our world faces today better to enable us compare some past situations and events that can be related to the present problems. Additionally, studying history also help us choose our leaders during electioneering and give constructive criticisms whenever the government misgoverns. This enables us perform our civic duties better in a democratic dispensation.

It makes us more cultured and informed. It helps us understand certain historical terms we have grown accustomed to using in our day-to-day languages. For instance, boycott, veto, czar, liberal, democracy, etc.

It teaches us how to make use of the map as well as the interpretation of charts and how to analyze graphs. Studying history helps us improve our ability to understand what we read from daily newspapers, magazines, books, forums, and what we see on TV. This enables us participate more intelligibly in such academic discussions to proffer solution to the problems facing our world today.

It gives us the ability to analyze situations better, gather more useful information, evaluate evidences, distinguish between unimportant and important facts, and come up with intelligent conclusions and results. We are able to come to the realization that civilization makes people solve problems they encounter using intelligent reasoning rather than force.

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I would love to air my view on why studying history is important.

Studying history is very important. It is so important that I have to repeat it again.

  • It informs us the kind of life our forefathers lived in the olden days, how they were able to survive at that time without any kind of machines to make life easier like we have now.
  • It gives us ideas on how some people came into existence and how certain things began.
  • Without history, we will always have unanswered questions in our hearts like how we came into existence, how our nation began, why God made us, or our purpose on earth.
  • Without history, it would have been difficult to answer questions like this and several others that relate to them.
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Why is it important to study history? The study of history provides people with past experiences and knowledge of how things were before now. History gives us insight on how and why social, societal and cultural values developed in different ways.

Through history and its studies, people are able to understand how the world got to where it is today. For example, to understand how U.S became a nation, and the foundations it was built on, one has to learn the histories of each of America's founding fathers, and what shaped their beliefs and ideas then. Studying history equally help people to learn from the mistakes made by the older generations. For instance, assessing the mistakes the military made in WWII can give the present day army the strategies required to win future wars more easily.
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