Why is math important?

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asked Jul 21, 2019 in Education by Audrey (920 points)
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I’ve always hated math because it just doesn’t come naturally to me, but in every math class, it seems like the teacher rambles on about how math is important and you’ll use it every day of your life. I don’t plan on getting a job that relies on math so I feel like it’s not really relevant in my life. Why is a general knowledge of math important?

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answered Aug 12, 2019 by Nikkii (780 points)
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You’d be surprised at how important math is for you to accomplish all the simple things you do every day. Going to the grocery store and trying to buy things would be impossible if you didn’t know math. Basic math is involved with the cost and payment, but on a bigger scale, math helps you figure out what the best deal really is for the things you’re buying. For instance, the advertised “value pack” might actually be more expensive than just buying the items separately, but you wouldn’t know this unless you could calculate the price difference. Math is even involved when driving to a new place or maybe deciding the most efficient way to pick all your friends up. Measuring the distance and time it would take you to drive the different routes all requires math. So even if you don’t plan on going into a career involving math, it’s still a part of everyday life.
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answered Aug 5, 2019 by Nichasie (790 points)
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Just because the career you want doesn’t exactly rely on math doesn’t mean that math isn’t helpful and necessary for performing some basic duties at your job.

Then why is math important? Math is important because it shows you how to get the result you want from following certain steps in a process in order. The better you are at this and more you practice, the fewer mistakes you’ll make. Having a pile of paperwork and things that need to be done before you go home can be really frustrating and intimidating. However, skills you learn from math can help you organize your work according to its priority and the quickest way to get it all done. Even planning involves some math.
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