Why is music important?

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Music is often a complex subject to discuss on. Why is music such a critical aspect of our life, existing through time and influence the way of our life? Why is music important?

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Music is important because music does what the words fails to do. It’s a method to convey things that we simply can’t say in a direct way. You need a song for those moments of joy. You need music for those disappointing moments. We all need a music for every time we have that remarkable need to say something important.

Every individual have a differing importance of music to their life. Music is a language. It’s a unique way to get in touch with our very own emotions while inspiring other people. It allows us to express ourselves with relative ease, the right songs will evoke a reaction. It interacts with your mood, from a depressed tone and dark feeling, to excitement and elation with the appropriate selections of track and simply hitting the play button.

Music is recreational. A soothing song is a method of relaxation, breaking you away the monotony of life, relieving you from the piling stress of the body and mind. Various studies have found and proven that music does indeed heighten our imagination and help our creativity.

Many have even proclaimed that of the many blessings of music, it heightens their spirituality. Religion of the world make use of music in a way or another to enhance the soul of the follower, be it the rhythmic chants of Buddhism or the Christian’s devotional choirs.

Creating the right atmosphere is never easier with the magic of music. A boring party can liven up with music or slower song that perks up a romantic mood.

Music has been widely received for it therapeutic quality. In fact, people who are initially depressed and stressed are found to be significantly improved after a few lesson in pianos. A healthier life that comes from the ability to cope with loneliness and anxiety.

It’s an industry in itself, increasing tourist attraction to new places. This creates many jobs, boosting local tax base and encourage the growth of any related business. In many ways, the arts have been responsible for generating economic wealth and income.

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I agree with your comments to a degree.  You write music is relaxing.  Yes some melodies are relaxing. However there are many types of music.  I personally think some music energizes. I find this especially true of rock, particularly hard rock.   I think Jazz can sooth or perk up a listener depending on the rhhymic structure.  ie its syncopation.   I especially like your creating the right atmosphere comments.  Yes music can liven things up or be romantic. or help one concentrate  My dad was a professional musician, trombone, guitar and keyboard so I literally grew up with music.  One of his last gigs was recording for Jazz great Grover Washington.
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Just watch this video. It’s a short documentary on the power of classical music. Pretty sure you can learn a lot more from people who love music themselves and how it is empowering to many. The impact of what music does to life is the reason why is music important. Enjoy the video! : )
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Why is music important? I think it lies in its educational function as well. Music is crucial for child development.

Mental capacity and intellect. Music and development of logic or mathematical thinking go hand in hand. Children sing songs about counting, developing their mathematical concepts.

Personal physical mastery. Coordination is better developed, aiding in muscles development. They have a better understanding with the limits and potential of their bodies as they stretch, crawl, balance, run, hop and skip.

Affective and emotional aspect. Children learn a great outlet for expressing their feelings and relieving pressure through learning music. Conveying a music of a certain mood encourage children to be more open with their emotions and feelings.

Creativity development. Music creates a new dimension to the imagination of the child, further stimulating their creativity. A box becomes a drum, a mere stick is now a horn while a broom becomes a dance partner. Making up songs and replacing words in old songs gives a child pure enjoyment.

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