Why is my eyebrow twitching?

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asked Jun 9, 2015 in Health & Wellness by Charisma (1,110 points)
Lately, I seem to get a twitching on my right eyebrow, right on the inside edge (by the bridge of my nose). Sometimes I can see it in the mirror but not always and my husband thinks I am crazy because he can never see it lol. What could be causing this?

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answered Jun 15, 2015 by MAYRA (860 points)

Twitches in any area, including the eyebrow, usually do not last for any great length of time. If it comes back continuously for a few weeks, I would see a doctor because it could be something medical. Some reasons for eyebrow twitching are as follows:

  1. Being stressed or overly tired can cause your eyebrow to twitch. Try getting better sleep and avoiding unnecessary stressors and see if that helps.
  2. Strained or even dry eyes can cause an eyebrow twitch. Sometimes, when you work on a computer or read a lot, your eyes can become strained. They can also become strained if you need, but are not using, corrective lenses. Try taking more breaks between constant uses of your eyes. If this does not help, you may need to see your ophthalmologist.
  3. Being dehydrated can cause eyebrow twitching. All muscles in the body require both protein and proper hydration to function properly. Try to get at least 64 ounces of water, or drinks teas every day.
  4. Certain substances you may put in your body might be causing your eye twitching. These substances can include nicotine, legal and illegal stimulant drugs, and too much caffeine. These are all stimulants and your body, when overstimulated, can begin to have muscle twitches (not only in your eyebrow). Even certain depressant type drugs such as marijuana or even alcohol can cause eyebrow twitching.

If none of the above help, you may want to see your doctor to rule out any medical issue. Certain illnesses or disorders may cause your eyebrow to twitch such as flu, food poisoning, hypothyroidism and even lupus.

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answered Jun 13, 2015 by Phillip (1,040 points)
I get those same kind of twitches when I am freaking out inside. A stressful day almost always gives me eyebrow twitches.
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answered Jun 13, 2015 by Rachael (500 points)
Why is my eyebrow twitching? You may be lacking in nutrients, especially maybe Calcium and Vitamin D. Not having enough nutrition can cause different muscles to spasm.

That's my opinion to the question, "Why is my eyebrow twitching?"
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