Why is my iPhone 6 using so much data?

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asked Apr 9, 2019 in Computers & Electronics by Tanika (920 points)
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I have been getting expensive bills on my data lately. The mobile network carrier constantly warns me that I had almost used my data monthly allowance, probably even charge me extra for overusing it. I could try upgrading my data, but I never really use my data for videos and movies, use it mainly for texting and e-mails. I don’t really have a problem with any of my previous phone. It’s frustrating. Why is my iPhone 6 using so much data exactly? Is it a problem with my iPhone?

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answered Jul 18, 2019 by tajana (1,120 points)
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The high data usage of the iPhone 6 is usually unintended but almost always preventable. Every new generation of the iPhone is reported to use up twice as much data as its previous predecessor. Most apps in your iPhone require some sort of connection to the internet, be it the Wi-Fi or the data. Those apps also need a constant connection to the internet to properly function, something like a chat app. While only one of these apps doesn’t really use up a data that much, a bunch of apps could easily drain your data away.

You can actually turn off the internet dependency of each single apps, although it can be pretty difficult to track where your data usage went if you don’t know where to start. The biggest offender could usually be the phone main system app itself, the one that keeps ‘Siri’ and music player app running, usually you can’t turn them off. Then aim to turn off the internet function of all the background apps that you don’t use anymore. Make sure to close out the apps you had used as well cuz often it will automatically download unwanted updates. Uninstalling them would help a lot too.
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Why is my iPhone 6 using so much data… this is the same problem that bothers me a lot lately. Thx for the tip! I’ll definitely try.
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answered Jun 11, 2019 by Charlotte (910 points)
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Mobile data doesn’t get used if the phone is connected to a Wi-Fi port. Make sure it is properly connected. You can choose to individually turn off and on the cellular data and the Wi-Fi connection. Having them both on will have the iPhone automatically choose the Wi-fi whenever it could. The problem is that iPhone 6’s detection system is often finicky, particularly at the newer version of Wi-Fi network. Try to turn off the data whenever you are in a room with usable Wi-Fi. Some apps could be appointed to be used on in Wi-Fi connection, try to use it as a guide. So if you are watching a movie or listening to music online, make sure it is with the Wi-Fi connection and not with data. If you continue to experience major data drain, it probably is the iPhone iOS fault itself. There really isn’t a way to reduce the usage of data to the core system, but it can be directed elsewhere through the Wi-Fi.
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