Why is my nose hurting like this?

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asked Nov 22, 2015 in Health & Wellness by Forevermonay (130 points)
My nose feels like I've ran straight into a wall. I haven't hit my nose on anything. I haven't picked in my nose nor have I been sneezing uncontrollably. When I gently squeeze the top is when it's most painful. It could be a sinus headache but they've never occurred like this before.

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Why not ask for a doctor? Only doctor can offer you a real answer. I'm not a doctor,  and the following is only my personal research from many sites, wish this could help you~

The human nose is known to play a very important role. They help us filter the air we inhale. It is only sensible that what we inhale can cause irritation inside our nose. Obviously, the nose becomes infected, congested and stiffly when we get sick.

One of the first places you get signs of an impending sickness is from your nose. Signs like tickling, sneezing, dripping and congestion are very common. Whenever this occurs, we must pay attention and treat these signs and symptoms of cold with warm foods, adequate rest and drinking enough water.

There are other problems you may encounter with your nose. Once you discover the underlying cause, most of them can be easily fixed.

Your nose can hurt due to several reasons. The most common ones are as follows:

  • Dehydration
  • A pimple. Mostly, nose pimples have no head, so they simply appear as a sore lump to touch.
  • Staying in dry air or under cold conditions for too long. In winter, heaters are known to dry up the nose quickly.
  • An accidental scratch from blowing or picking your nose.
  • Blowing your nose continuously.

In order to alleviate the symptoms, you can:

1. Drink a lot of water

The inside of the human nose is known to contain several delicate membranes which are often exposed to air. To stay healthy, this skin requires moisture. When we get dehydrated, these membranes tighten and become sore.

Drink about 8 cups per day to keep your skin, which includes the membranes found in your nose in top health.

2. Make sure your nostril is always moist

Despite the dry nose membranes you have inside your nose, if it is the outside that hurts, it could be that you have been constantly blowing your nose and breathing dry air.

Use a wet cloth to dab the outside of your nose. This will help the area become clean, enable you avoid infection, and restore the much needed moisture to the skin.

3. Try a warm compress

If you develop sore pimples either inside or outside your nose, warmth will help you clear up the pimple and draw out the infection.

Hold a warm, wet cloth against the sore area. This should give you a soothing sensation and help you minimize the infection in the pimple. Don't pick or scratch the affected area.

4. Try steam or a humidifier

Boil water in your kettle or bowl, or steam from a humidifier. This will often produce the needed results to help restore moisture inside a dry and congested nose.

Stay close to the steam, but don't inhale it too deeply. This can get some sensitive membranes burnt. You can also place a towel around your head to create a kind of tent. This will help you capture most of the steam, especially if you use a bowl of boiling water.

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You need to describe what sort of pain it is and how it feels. More details is required.
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