Why is my period brown?

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asked Mar 26, 2015 in Health & Wellness by Peter (660 points)
This month my period has been way browner than red blood (like normal). Actually it was mostly brown. I was late…could this have something to do with the color? What all can make a period more brown?

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answered Mar 29, 2015 by Lingo (1,200 points)

Well, usually this is absolutely normal but before I go into why and how it is normal…you may want to make sure you are not pregnant. You said you were late and, if you are pregnant, a brown discharge could mean there is something wrong with the baby. You may need to be seen at the hospital. Ok…now, if you are definitely not pregnant, here are the ins and outs of why your period is brown.

Every period can change every month. Sometimes it may start heavy and other times your heavy day may be in the middle of your cycle. The same goes for color of your period (and even the consistency – watery vs. thick).

Although, not always, your period is more brown towards the end of your period. This is because the blood is older (like a bad wound turns brown as it scabs). It is absolutely normal, and actually expected.

I know you said this was during your period, but just to inform you, you can even get brown spotting in between periods. This is when you are ovulating. Some women have this happen frequently, and some never experience this. Anyone can experience this but most common it happens to young ladies who have just started getting their period, women who are nearing the age where they will no longer have their period (menopause), and women who are beginning to take birth control.

There may be other reasons that a woman’s period may be brown. There can be medical problems. Usually these medical problems have other signs as well such as:

  • Either sharp or long-lasting dull pain in the lower abdomen area or even within the vagina.
  • A high fever. Fever usually means that the body has an infection.
  • Being extremely tired, either all the time or very often.
  • Hemorrhaging: If your period is extremely heavier than normal, you may be hemorrhaging and should seek a doctor immediately.

If you are seriously worried about it, you should see your doctor anyway!


Period Blood Colors and Textures


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answered Mar 31, 2015 by Cinnamon (880 points)
Is this your first period? If so, this is absolutely normal and may happen again for at least another few months. Your periods also may not be every 28 days at first. If this is your first (or even second or third) period, don’t worry. This is absolutely normal.
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answered Mar 27, 2015 by Leonarda (670 points)
Why is my period brown? This is your question and I want to say I have same issue with you. I recently quit taking birth control and had this same issue. Not sure if you have the same situation but even if you don’t, you may have had a brown period for the same reason. My doctor said that it’s just old blood.
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