Why is my sister so annoying?

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I’m 15 years old and my little sister is 11. I love her and all but she’s so annoying! She follows me everywhere, she wants to hang out in my room when my friends are over, she asks a million questions, and she uses my stuff without asking. She’s also a tattletale. Today she told my mom I kissed a boy at a ball game last night. She saw me when she was spying on me! How do I get her to stop being so annoying?

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answered Jul 20, 2019 by Salay (930 points)
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Looking from the outside, it’s obvious to me that you are your little sister’s hero. She looks up to you and wants to be just like you. I understand because I was a little sister, too. I thought my older sister was smart and pretty.  She was skinny and I still had what our mom called ‘baby fat’. I was jealous. She got to do fun things that I wasn’t allowed to do, like wear makeup and go to dances. I always wanted to be around her because she was popular and I wasn’t.

As for telling your mom about that kiss, maybe she’s worried. She might be afraid you are doing something that will cause you harm in the long run. You didn’t do anything wrong, but she’s unsure how to react to your actions.

To you, your sister may be annoying, but please try to understand that your sister loves you. Yes, there are times you need to be firm with her. You do need some space of your own. You’ve got your own social life, your studies, and goals. But try to make some one-on-one time to spend with just her. Take time to talk with her and answer her questions. She’s watching you, preparing to take her own journey into the teen years and you are leading the way for her. Try to be a good mentor.
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Little sisters have been annoying big sisters since the beginning of time. After all, you were their very first playmate, their first friend, their first teacher. They feel like you belong to them. Now that you are growing up and stretching your wings further outside the nest, she misses you. That’s why she’ll do whatever it takes to get your attention. Even going so far as to make you mad by tattling to Mom. Even if you’re yelling at her, you’re paying attention to her.

This is a challenging time for both of you. You’re trying many new things, learning more about people and the world, taking steps toward adulthood, and she’s still hovering on the brink of childhood, unable to catch up with you.

I promise, in a few years, you and your sisters will be best of friends. In the meantime, try to be patient and when she gets on your nerves most remind yourself it’s because she loves you and is afraid she’s losing you.
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I understand why is my sister so annoying now. Thanks for your answer.
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answered Aug 14, 2019 by Qiyoshi (670 points)
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You are all saints! I have a little sister too, I feel like I’m gonna die soon if my sister keeps pestering me like this, though I love her, but seriously I really can’t bear with her anymore :@  My sister is just so annoying.
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