Why is recycling important?

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Why is recycling important? Could anyone give me the answer? Thanks!

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Recycling is one of the greatest ways for you as an individual to make a positive impact on the planet. Recycling is crucial to both humans and the environment.

The volume of waste we create is constantly increasing, so we should act quickly:

  • Economic growth means that people are purchasing more products and generating more waste.
  • Population growth means that there are more people, who in turn create more waste.
  • New technology and packaging are being developed, much of which is non-biodegradable.
  • Fast food and other constantly evolving lifestyle habits create more non-biodegradable waste.

Recycling is crucial, because waste has a large negative influence on the environment.

  • Destructive substances and greenhouse gases are constantly released from the trash in landfills. Recycling can help to reduce the size of the landfills.
  • Deforestation leads to global warming and destruction of animal habitats. Recycling reduces the demand for raw materials, removing the need for deforestation.
  • The production of raw materials takes sizeable amounts of energy. Recycling helps preserve natural resources because it uses less energy.

Recycling is important to urban areas worldwide.

  • Landfill locations are quickly filling, leaving no space for new waste. By 2010, nearly all of the landfills in the UK will be completely full.
  • There are economic benefits, as well. Creating products from raw materials is more expensive than using recycled products.
  • The Earth and its resources need to be protected for future generations. Using recycled materials preserves the natural resources and uses less energy. 
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Why is recycling important? Recycling is the process of using the same resource again. Recycling is a natural process.

For artificial waste, recycling is important for the following reasons:

  1. Prevents the creation of more waste that would otherwise be taking up space on the planet.
  2. Reduces the need to consume natural resources for the manufacture of more products, and saves the energy that would be used for that process.
  3. Reduces the damage done to the planet by our consumption. 
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