Why is social media bad?

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asked May 19, 2015 in Computers & Electronics by Sylwia (630 points)
I'm going to take part in a debate on this topic: How bad are Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. So I will be proposing in the debate that social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter cab be really bad. I need to get some more constructive and informative points to help boost my performance and score in the debate.

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answered May 21, 2015 by Meadhbh (1,060 points)

Here are some conclusions I drew to help you:

  1. Reduced productivity. While several businesses depend on social media sites to search for new clients and keep in touch with them, these sites can also be quite distractive to workers who may be more interested in what they find on their friends' walls than the works they have to do in the office for the day. Though some apps now make it possible for companies to block these sites, they still have some bad effects on these workers.
  2. Privacy. Social networking sites have made the private lives of most people issues for public consumption. Users of these sites throw caution to the wind when talking about their private matters on such public platforms. What makes it worse perhaps is the fact that whatever is posted on these sites stay there forever except you delete them. A crazy photo shot with friends in a night party may not seem harmless in any way when it hits the social media pages, but when a boss stumbles on such pix during a background check, he might find it offensive and leave with a very negative opinion of the person in the pix. Most of these sites give the users the option of choosing who sees what they post, but most times, these features can malfunction, be forgotten, or get beyond the users control. Sometimes the privacy policies might not be as effective as the site owners would want you to believe.
  3. Anonymity. If you are used to online forums and chat rooms, you must have experienced were some unidentifiable people start some arguments to get others agitated. These social networking platforms have these anonymous users as well who move around starting up arguments here and there. Other people with very questionable characters like fraudsters, serial killers, rapist, pedophiles, and all sorts of creepy beings lurk around these social media platforms seeking whom to lure with fake identity. Make sure you apply caution whenever it comes to getting hooked to some unknown people and always track the activities of your kids online to keep them away from dangers.
  4. Net-peak, abbreviations, and poor grammar. There is no difference between the instant messaging services and the instant communication offered by these social media sites. Most users have no time to recheck their grammars and spellings on social networks, so you find several abbreviations that can drive you crazy. If you wish to spend long periods on such sites, learning these net-speaks and abbreviations may become necessary. But it is very important to let teens and kids understand that these abbreviations and slangs are not acceptable outside these social networks.
  5. A fake sense of connection. These social media sites can confuse us in our relationships. Sometimes we mistake the online relationships for the real thing. The attention we give to these false relationships often takes its toll on our real life relationships.
  6. Cyber-bullying. Social media provides a sense of urgency to both friends and predators. Kids are most prone to cyber-bullying-online bullies can give these kids long-lasting mental scars. In some cases, some kids have contemplated or attempted suicide. The anonymity the internet offers bring out dark suppressed tendencies in some youths.
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answered May 23, 2015 by Misty (1,050 points)
Sorry I can't help you with this because I see nothing bad in these sites. Personally, I think they were very great inventions. They made communication much easier.
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answered May 29, 2015 by Kori (870 points)
Why is social media bad? Facebook and other such social media platforms have lead to the loss of real communication skills among people who are addicted to these sites. Abbreviations like lol, wtf, lmao, etc are eating deep into the fabrics of real life communication. These are sites that enable even anti-social people to get connected to the entire world. People end up making more friends online than they make in real life.
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