Why is solar energy good?

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What are the benefits of solar energy?

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There are two major perspectives on the topic of solar energy’s benefits for the human race:

1. Solar energy is renewable

Regular electricity comes from fossil fuels, which are a limited resource. Fossil fuels, such as gas and oil, are finite. Once they are consumed, they cannot be replaced. Someday mankind will expend all of these fuels, and will either be forced to come up with a new way to generate power or return to life as it was before we started using fossil fuels. Additionally, fossil fuels are very harmful to the environment. The pollution they create is detrimental to waterways, the atmosphere, and the even the food we eat. Fossil fuels are expensive to harvest from the earth, and also to implement. Eco-friendly energy sources like wind and solar power are much easier to produce and less costly to use. Solar energy would be a viable alternative to fossil fuels as an energy source, as it is sustainable and can generate energy indefinitely.

2. Solar energy is clean

Pollution is becoming increasingly damaging to our planet. Anything that can be done to reduce pollution is a step towards a healthier planet. Since solar energy is a natural resource, it does not produce pollution or disrupt the environment the way oil and other sources do. Solar energy does not produce pollution or contribute to greenhouse gases. The only negative effect solar energy has on the environment is caused by the chemicals and solvents used during the production of the photovoltaic cells used to create power from the sun’s energy. However, in comparison to the large environmental impact of an oil spill, this is a small problem.



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Why is solar energy good? Solar energy is great for humans. It’s clean, renewable, and better for the environment than other energy sources. It’s clean, and the fact that it’s renewable means we will never run out of solar energy. One of the most important reasons solar energy is beneficial to humans is it doesn’t pollute the environment like fossil fuels. These are just a few reasons solar energy is beneficial to the human race.
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