Why is sustainability important?

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I have an essay due on sustainability and would like help wording why sustainability is important. Please help!

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The importance of sustainability is life, both now and in the future. What we do today will, inevitably, affect the future. If we do not make good decisions today, we leave future generations spending most of their time not only cleaning up our messes but we can potentially leave them struggling without their basic needs.

Greed and being wasteful will eventually deplete all of our natural resources. If we continue to misuse and waste our fresh water, our future generations will be without. Other resources will be needed to be used to treat what contaminated water they have left. Without fresh water, fish and other water life that we use for food resources will be depleted; completely polluted, and most likely extinct.

If we continue to pollute our soil, future generations will have a hard time growing other food sources. Our food sources depend on fertile soil and fresh water. If we continue to pollute our world, and greedily waste our precious soil and water, future generations will have no choice but to use some harmful processes for nutrition.

In all actuality, if we continue to pollute and deplete our natural resources, our future generations will not have to worry about it. We, as a human race, will become extinct. Our waters, soils, and other natural resources constantly replenish themselves but if we continue to overuse and pollute, we will diminish the supply and our race will be completely wiped out because of famine and illnesses.

The human population is constantly growing and needing more resources. If we do not realize how to sustain what we have, we will leave future generations without. This is why sustainability is important.

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Good essay for the topic, Why is sustainability important
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There was a time when sustainability wasn’t something to worry about. Natural resources constantly replenish themselves. That was a time when the rate of natural resource replenishment was greater than the need of the human population.

As our population grows so does out need for natural resources. Natural resource replenishment is unable to keep up with our demand. The sad thing is that we are taking and polluting natural resources as a means to greed more so than as a means for survival.

Not only are we depleting and polluting our basic natural resources (water, air, and land), we are depleting other living organisms such as plants and other animals. Without fresh water and fertile soil, nothing can live. We use plants and other animals as food sources.

We need to learn to use our resources sustainably instead of greedily. Plants and animals are becoming extinct because of our greed. Fish are being over fished to the point of extinction. Birds and other tree dwelling animals are becoming endangered or extinct because of humans taking their homes and food (not out of need but mostly out of greed).

If we lose our natural resources the way that we are losing plants and animals, we will also become extinct, and the decline of all life forms will be horrible for anyone to watch. As other plants and animals lose their homes and ecosystems, they are forced to go elsewhere. This will lead to competition between species new to an area and those who have been there. Animals will be constantly killing other animals just to survive (although eventually they will all die).

Sustainability is important because without it, we will inevitably watch the violent downfall of all living beings, and in the end, the extinction of the human race. If we can learn to sustain what we have at the rate that our natural resources replenish themselves, we will not have to worry about this torrential and violent end that will most definitely be our future.

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Thanks for your answer on why is sustainability important, helped me a lot on my homework.
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