Why is the Eiffel Tower important?

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The Eiffel Tower was supposed to be one of the largest structures on Earth. This is why its design is ideal for wind resistance. Originally the Eiffel Tower was built to honor the French Revolution for the World Exhibition in 1889, which took place around the 100th anniversary of the revolution. The exhibition was intended to demonstrate France’s technological innovations. However, there were many people who opposed the tower’s construction because they thought it contradicted French convention and found it to be a form of intrusion in Europe. There was discussion of its demolition in the early 1900s. Fortunately, this did not come to pass, as more important uses for the tower were discovered: scientific research. Many experiments were performed on the Eiffel Tower such as temperature, pressure, and pendulums. But its main purpose to this day has been radio transmission. If not for this useful innovation, the tower may not exist today.

The Eiffel Tower has lifts and stairways to allow access to the different levels of the tower. There are two restaurants inside it, located on the first two floors. In order to provide the ideal Parisian experience, the Eiffel’s restaurants serve prevalent French dishes. The tower also has several observation platforms to allow sightseers to appreciate the lovely view of Paris. Then at the top of the tower is a souvenir shop, which is very popular with tourists. In the year 2000, lights were added all over the tower. When the tower is lit at night, the sight is quite stunning. The Eiffel Tower is useful, but more importantly, it has become a famous landmark of Paris. A trip to Paris is incomplete without a visit to the iconic Eiffel Tower.



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What makes the Eiffel Tower significant? Why is the Eiffel Tower important?

  • It’s not a mere tourist attraction. The Eiffel Tower has been the home to a post office, theatre, newspaper office, and scientific laboratories. Every year, the first level of the tower is used as an ice rink.
  • The Eiffel Tower is the most popular landmark on Earth, attracting nearly 7 million visitors every year. 
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