Why is too much sugar bad for you?

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asked May 31, 2015 in Health & Wellness by Sophie (950 points)
I love anything sweet: ice cream, cookies, chocolate, pudding, cakes… But I was always told that eating foods with too much sugar is bad for health. Is that true? Why is too much sugar so bad?

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answered Jun 6, 2015 by MARYROSE (850 points)

Yes, it is. There are a few reasons you should not consume too much sugar.

  1. Sugar is a zero nutritional food – Sugar contains nothing nutritional…no vitamins, no minerals, no proteins. Sugar only contains simple carbs which may give you quick energy but also makes you “drop” quickly. Sugar is an empty calorie food.
  2. Sugar is terrible for your teeth – sugar “feeds” bad mouth bacteria causing gum problems, loss of teeth, mouth sores, and very bad breath.
  3. Sugar causes obesity – sugar makes cravings worse…the more sugar you have, the more you want. Sugar badly affects your brain and your hormones, making you feel as though you “need” more. Sugar is nothing more than empty calories that make you crave more empty calories; obesity is more than likely.
  4. Sugar can be addictive – not only will you want more and more, your body will become so accustomed to receiving so much dopamine, it will actually go through withdrawals without it; withdrawals similar to those drug abusers go through.
  5. Sugar causes heart disease – new evidence shows that sugar, rather than saturated fat as previously believed, is the top contributor to heart disease. In less than 10 weeks, those that consume large amounts of sugars (especially fructose) raises bad cholesterol, blood glucose, and insulin.
  6. Sugar causes cancer – insulin is a main hormone that regulates cancer growth. As sugar raises insulin, intake of sugar raises the likelihood of getting cancer.

REFERENCE: http://www.businessinsider.com/effects-of-eating-too-much-sugar-2014-3

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answered Jun 2, 2015 by Laura Ann (810 points)
Why is too much sugar bad for you? Sugar will make you fat and give you bad teeth. Sugar is full of calories and rots your teeth and gums which also gives you bad breath.
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answered Nov 19, 2015 by smartalex (140 points)
To know why sugar is bad for you, you actually have to learn all about it!

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Hope I helped :)
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