Why kids should play sports?

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According to researches, children benefit in several ways by participating in team sporting activities. The benefits can range from a desire to succeed in school and higher grades to developing very strong and supportive relationships with everyone around them.

Apart from that, there are five other major reasons why engaging in team sports is important for kids:

1. Participating in team sports helps a child build very strong self-esteem.

Engaging in team sports on a regular basis goes a long way to build your child's confidence levels. This occurs as your child keeps setting goals to score more points for the team on the field of play and goes on to achieve these goals.

2. Team sports can improve your child's communication skills.

Communicating with other members of the team is very important in team sports. Your child will gain very valuable communication skills while playing in a team. These communication skills continue to develop even after your child has left the field of play.

3. Participating in team sports help your child to excel in school work.

Most people will find it hard to believe that what their child does in the field of play can affect their performances in the classroom, but of a truth, it does. Children who took part in at least one sports that involved playing in a team were found to score higher grades in their class works than children who never participated in any team sport.

4. Team sports build very strong and supportive bonds with several other adults.

Just participating in one team sport helps a child build stronger relationship with others. Children who become part of sport teams are always around older coaches and other parents who give them the help and support they need. These are people who want to see your child become successful, and that can be done by building very supportive and positive relationships.

5. Critical thinking skills are developed by these team sports.

Several problems can arise during sporting activities. Sometimes, the challenge they face can be trying to overcome opponents on the team they are playing against. Some other times, they try to figure out how best to get the ball into the goal post from a strategic angle. Critical thinking is required to solve any of these problems effectively. In sporting teams, children are taught to handle current challenges and make necessary assessment of the problem to ascertain the best possible approach to a solution with the aid of available resources.

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Why kids should play sports? Participating in team sports equip kids with a wide range of skills such as physical, social, mental and provides them with cognitive benefits as well. It also provides them a social platform to make new friends.

  • Helps them build self-esteem and gives them a deep sense of achievement
  • Gives them a sense of belonging and provides adequate bonding
  • Teaches them team spirit, social skills and sportsmanship through teachings on how to support others and accept defeats
  • Helps children learn how to adopt fairness in all competitions, how to strike a balance between competition and teamwork and why they should respect the other team
  • Helps kill boredom which can be responsible for certain anti-social activities and behaviors
  • Improves stamina and physical fitness
  • Develops agility, balance, flexibility, and coordination
  • Promotes overall health and wellbeing
  • Promotes academic performance
  • Improves concentration, memory and focus. Kids must remember and put all rules into application no matter how excited they might be
  • Teaches kids persistence, patience and self-control
  • Builds memory, and teaches instant strategic thinking and decision-making
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