Why people hate Justin Bieber?

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asked May 17, 2018 in Entertainment by nichesha (650 points)
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He is just another young male singer, so why all the hate? He doesn’t hurt anyone when his career started, yet he received so much hate from everyone. His singing isn’t bad, it’s catchy even. How is he different from any other boy singer that starts at his age?  What did he do that garner him so much hate?

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answered Dec 22, 2018 by rohanna (720 points)
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If I am a fan, I would say it all boils down to the fact that he got attractive girly baby-faced looks and really appeal to the young prepubescent girls, along with an annoyingly catchy song that starts his career.

Unfortunately, I am not a fan and all the hate from everyone is pretty justified. Let’s see why people hate Justin Bieber exactly?

It’s started when a video of him singing for a school event was posted on youtube and everyone loves it, he got a promising voice and talent. Then the producers pick him up to release his first album, and the hate begins. His vocal is terrible, it sounds whiny and creepily girl like, and no one likes it. No one likes him except the teenage girls and younger, the still sexually confused age group. Maybe it stems from jealousy, or the fact that he disappoints everyone with his first major appearance. The song “Baby” became a massive hit, just mainly backed by it being terrible to many.

The fact that his fans don’t really have the maturity and mental capacity to fight off the haters too doesn’t help. That’s just for starters. He continues to collect hate points from so many things he does over the years that the hate becomes justified. Spitting on fans that idolize him, offending so many group of people that have no reason to dislike him at first (list so far up to 2014 includes the fan of Metal, Metallica, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain, Backstreet Boys, Orlando Bloom himself, Drake Bell, Anne Frank, a cancer patient, a pet monkey, the Great Wall of China, Germany, Singapore, Brazil, Canada and so many parents).

All in all, he really is just a bad role model for his fangirls, aside from all the alleged drug abuse and law breaking he’s done. People might be jealous of him, yes, but its jealousy towards how terrible he does him music and yet still raking in all the money, and stealing away all the exposure from talented artists. He is famous not for his music, the rabid fangirls love him for his looks. The media love all of his destructive act too, people will be reading and watching. More exposure for him, less opportunity for everyone else, less justice in the world.
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answered Jul 8, 2019 by Sally (940 points)
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Why people hate Justin Bieber? Ummmm, well, I wouldn’t say hate him, but I definitely don’t like him. Yet, I kinda understand what made him such a jerk that people all hate. He’s just another typical young  boy who’s got really famous and fortunes, and all that during his teenage years, and got cocky, well cocky can’t even cover what a dumbass he becomes. Anyway, whoever gets the fame and fortunes at such an age like Justin Bieber would probably just do the same, if not even worse and stupider. Who can guarantee that he would make such mistakes when he’s young, we’ve all grown up through this kind of mistakes, though not as stupid and serious as his.

Did you watch the Comedy Central Roast of him? I think what he said in the end did make sense. I didn’t mean I totally believed in what he said, but it wouldn’t hurt if we just keep watching him and see if he would behave himself and turn into a nicer guy. But whatever he says or does is really none of our business, is it?
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