Why study international relations?

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I am seeking a variety of personal reasons other people believe it is important to study international relations. All answers are acceptable. Thank You!

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So curious about your purpose. I had applied for IA but failed. For the application I collected some materials about the reasons to choose IA. You're lucky! This is useless for me right now and I'll show you:

  • When a person studies international relations, he/she may further his/her understanding and education in not only political science but also different nations’ economics and their histories. This allows you to better understand many areas of life. Understanding different civilizations, different cultures (many countries have different cultures within an area), unique and interesting traditions, as well as how world trade works. Studying international relations allows you to look deeper into the past, look at different leaders in history (their roles, policies, and civil relations) and how these leaders made the region develop into what they are today. Another reason for studying international relation is to potentially learn new languages. This can be helpful in many career fields.
  • Studying international relations can give one a better understanding of how their demographics work and how they live day to day. Many regions have different healthcare areas than what you may be used to within the area in which you live. Learning different health aspects, how they came into play, and how they do (or do not) benefit different people of different demographics can enable a person considering the medical field to better understanding and may even enhance your career.
  • If you desire to engage in a career in education, knowledge of different ways education is pursued, accepted, given, or even allowed can further your advances in your career. Also, in some countries, becoming a teacher is not as difficult or strenuous as in the United States and other countries. Studying international relations can help you better understand all of this and even perhaps help you with your own future goals and achievements.
  • If you are considering a field in business or law, understanding international relations is a great benefit to you. Most companies do expand abroad and there are laws and different practices in business in different areas of the world. Studying and understand these international relations will be a great asset to you (and possibly make you a great asset in a company as well).
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answered Apr 15, 2019 by anbreen (800 points)
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Why study international relations? I love studying international relations because I just love different and unique ways of life. I think it is a highly needed study as our world constantly closes in around us. My initial interest in international studies came with my life dream. I want to travel. I not only want to travel, I want to be able to immerse myself within different areas of the world. I have always had a desire to visit every single castle the world will allow. Doing this, I would have to understand different customs. I would absolutely hate to offend anyone else in another country, while I am there to enjoy their history and differences.
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Studying international relations allows you to delve deeper into understanding valuable areas of interest in today’s highly competitive career areas. Understanding international relations includes understanding of different languages, different laws, different social aspects, as well as different politics and even economics. As our world becomes more involved with each other, it is important to understand each other. There is value in comprehending other human beings of different cultures. These are the reasons why you should study international relations.

Well-known, and even small colleges and universities require some type of international study for graduation, especially those who seek to obtain degrees in international security, international economy (both political and civil), and business because of most business doing service or growth overseas.

If you decide to obtain a degree which allows you to perform duties as any type of humanitarian, it is very wise to study international relations, as you will most likely not be working within your own region or demographics.



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I work for a fairly large firm that has recently decided to expand overseas. I am so thankful that I took international relation classes in college! I have now been advanced in my company to help smooth the transition of our company into these other countries. I found that studying international relations was highly interesting to me and now I see that those studies were not only interesting but are now becoming quite profitable. With our world becoming close than ever, international studies are basically a requirement for anyone who want a position in any business. Even McDonald’s is an international company!
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