Why technology is bad?

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asked Sep 7, 2015 in Culture & Society by JamilaLemann (250 points)
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I need to do a small school project on why technology is bad. I can’t seem to relate to how it is actually bad for us at all. I mean it makes everything convenient for us, maybe aside from our eyes being glued to the screen half the day. Technology gives us trains and cars, it gives us the means to travel across the world in less than a day while being really safe. So how is it bad? Why is technology bad?

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answered Sep 20, 2015 by AzucenaCasas (470 points)
No, technology isn’t bad. Even the argument for digital natives needing a different kind of education has been researched (spoiler: there is no such thing as digital natives). Think it is so much easier to argue that technology is just not that bad. I can try to give you some on why technology might be bad. As everything else in this world, too much of technology could be negative. An article on Psychology Today writes about how technology rewires the children’s brain.

The article said that their creativity may be impeded since they are using less imagination watching videos than reading. Then there’s another example that gamers are better multi-taskers but more prone to distractions. Search engines led to people, in general, to have remembered less information (when was the last time you tell yourself “I would just Google it later”).

There is actual danger on a child’s empathizing ability. According to one study, a week of zero access to electronic devices tested on a group of sixth graders  make them better at understanding emotional signals and nonverbal cues from photos of faces in comparison to the group allowed to use devices freely. Then there is also the irony of spending more time on social media leading to a poor development of social skills according to another study.

Technology is fine when we are only using it as a tool. Rather, younger children end up “enslaved” by it instead, so moderation and education for responsible usage are necessary.
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answered Sep 9, 2015 by HubertYounge (210 points)
Why technology is bad… To the general user, the risk of getting your privacy and safety compromised is pretty high. Even just recently, Australia’s government roll out a policy that allows them to keep a history of your internet activities, similar to that to what Edward Snowden exposed of the NSA of their surveillance programme. The government don’t even entrust you fully to what you did on personal time online. Considering there is a large amount of sites aimed to scam your hard earned money, or fake emails from banks that looks professionally done, demanding your credit card number for security reasons, it is difficult for the non-experienced to use the internet wisely. Maybe we don’t deserve this freedom yet. Teenagers have been bullied anonymously over the net or exchanging nudes around, there are just too much irresponsible people around to make good of technology we had. So you ask why technology is bad? Because it’s got in hands of bad people and people not knowing how to use it correctly.
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