Why the internet is bad?

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Why the internet is bad?

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  1. The internet is seen by many as a very bad thing because anybody can post any information online not minding how harmful or untruthful such information can be to others. The spread of negative and wrong information is, perhaps, one of the major ills of the internet to the society. This is most applicable to all open source websites where users are allowed to edit the content on their web pages at will.
  2. One of the worst attributes of the internet is that it's used as a platform for bullying individuals, especially kids. The internet makes it possible for some anonymous people to publish irresponsible posts that they wouldn't have been able to publish in their names. Additionally, the internet makes impersonation quite easy with a fake online profile for perpetrating evils.
  3. Another very negative thing about the internet is that it makes the spread of information and private pictures quite fast and uncontrollable. This has very tremendous effects on both kids and teens.
  4. The internet makes it possible for individuals to conduct medical diagnosis on themselves, which is always against the individuals' interests. Researching important medical information online can have very harmful consequences with several false and unverifiable information online.
  5. Lastly, the use of the internet makes fraud more widespread and rampant. There are several fake websites out there which are dedicated to obtaining people's information to steal their identities. Hackers are also given the platform to steal vital bank details from people who shop at online retail stores with their credit cards.
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Why the internet is bad? Here are ten reasons why the internet is bad:

  1. The internet contains lots of wrong information. Anyone can post whatever he or she likes, and most times, these things are mere garbage.
  2. Several misfits hang around the internet looking for whom to trap into their evil scams.
  3. Some people are becoming more addicted to the internet, which creates problems in their real life interactions and relationships with friends and loved ones.
  4. Pornography is a common trend on the internet today, and these negative content can find their way into the hands of kids without much hassles.
  5. The internet, according to surveys, takes up much of our time daily. One thing with the internet is, you never know when you spend more time than you planned to spend surfing. The internet and TV have been found to be major activities of inactive people, which increase the risk of obesity.
  6. There are several fraudulent sites on the internet today. People can now buy other people's essays and other intellectual works and sell them as their original work, a trend that was very hard before the internet era.
  7. Several dishonest business have risen to take undue advantage of unsuspecting people today.
  8. Hackers are now able to create viruses that can attack your files and valuable data on your PC.
  9. Hackers now find it much easier to engage in identity theft.
  10. The internet makes one easily depressed with the number of uneducated people and what they do and post online.
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Why the internet is bad? Below are five reasons why the internet is bad for you:

  • The internet makes pornographic content more easily accessible. Kids and teens access these negative videos and pictures more easily than adults do.
  • The internet is the origin of malicious software and viruses that pose threat to our personal computers.
  • SPAM – I don't think there is any need to say more on this topic.
  • The internet exposes both adults and children to online stalking by strangers with evil motives.
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