Why was the Great Wall of China built?

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Ever thought of the reason why the famous Wall of China was built? I need a specific answer, and thank you for answering.

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The main purpose of building the Walls of China was to keep both people and territory protected from any kind of invasion.

The Great Walls of China coupled with the Beacon Towers, fortification, passes, etc. instituted a very massive defensive system that provided the Chinese society with a very peaceful and safe environment. There were several states during the autumn and spring period, as well as the Warring States Period, so separate sections were built as a defense system against the nomadic northern tribes.

During the Qin Dynasty, the major role of the wall was to keep the country protected very nomadic tribe. During the reign of the Western Han Emperor Wu, a significant role was played by the wall in providing protection for the main force and also served as a strong military base during the wars. Whenever the country subdued any new region, the Wall was usually extended to strengthen the local army. The Han Dynasty was able to conquer more and more territories in north-western China with the aid of the Great Wall. General Qi Jiguang during the Ming Dynasty fortified the regions from Shanhaiguan Pass all the way to the Juyongguan Pass by constructing some military watchtowers and then qualified soldiers based on their local landform to conquer invasions. Additionally, the Wall stopped the emigration of Chinese citizens. 

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The construction of the Great Walls of China, the famous Chinese historical fortification started from the 3rd century and continued to the 17th century. Why was the Great Wall of China built? It was built to keep the various dynasties protected from being raided by Turkic, Mongol, and all other such nomadic tribes from what is today known as Manchuria and Mongolia.

It was to keep the Chinese people protected from being attacked by the Xiongnu people of Mongolia. China's major enemy back then was the Xiongnu tribe. The main reason why the Great wall was built was to keep them from gaining entrance into China. It was originally comprised of much shorter walls between different factions, but under the reign of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, the wall was fortified and lengthened starting from 221 BC.

From the Great Walls, the defenders were able to release arrows at their enemies, the walls were cleverly designed with tiny holes both for attack and for defense. Though lives might be sacrificed by the construction of this architectural masterpiece, but it justified every sacrifice made while building it by keeping the Mongols out of China.

Tourism is the main modern use of The Great Walls, though most parts of it have either crumbled away of fallen into serious ruin.
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