Why won't FaceTime work?

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My FaceTime just keeps hanging up every time I try to make a call. It says it’s connecting but won’t let the call go through. I am confused. It worked just fine before. Why won't FaceTime work? Can someone help me?

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answered Jun 16, 2019 by Taylor (990 points)
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Why won't FaceTime work? The following steps may help you troubleshoot the problem and solve it:

  1. The first thing you need to do is make sure your operating system is up to date. If you don’t have the latest version of any software, FaceTime (and possibly other applications) may not work properly. Make sure your friends are up to date too. If you are up to date but the person you are trying to call isn’t, the call still may not go through.
  2. If all your software is up to date and you are still having problems, try turning FaceTime off and back on. This will force the application’s re-activation with Apple. When loading FaceTime again, make sure you are putting in the correct Apple ID.
  3. If all you still cannot make a call, try resetting your network settings. To do this go to Settings, click on General, click on Reset, then choose Reset Network Settings. This will reboot your operating system. When finished, try to make a call again.
  4. Another problem could be your date and time settings. If your date and time settings are not set to your current location, it could interfere with you making calls on FaceTime. To check that your phone has the correct date and time, go to Settings, click on General, and go to Date&Time. Make sure your Time Zone is set correctly to your location.
  5. Since FaceTime uses Push Mail to let your phone, or other Apple device, know that there is an incoming call, Push Mail has to be on. To make sure Push Mail is set to the On position, go to Settings, click on Mail Contacts, click on Calendars, then go to “Fetch New Data” and make sure it is set to On.
  6. You also should make sure you have the correct phone number and Apple ID on your FaceTime account. If not, click on Add Another Email.
  7. Sometimes, accidentally, contacts can end up in your “Blocked” list. Go through your blocked list to make sure the person you are trying to contact is not in it. If they are (or you notice someone else is that shouldn’t be there) tap on “Edit” and click on “Remove” (little red icon) next to the person’s name.
  8. Sometimes, simply shutting off and restarting your device, or devices, can do the trick.
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answered May 11, 2019 by Tiara (1,000 points)
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I had the same problem. I logged my Apple ID out of FaceTime and put it back in again and now everything is working fine. Hopefully this works for you too.
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Why won't FaceTime work? This method doesn't work!!!
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