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I was just put in charge of the games in our upcoming family reunion next week. I plan on having a “would you rather” game for the young members of the family,so I need lots of would you rather questions to keep them busy. Any advice here?

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We just played this game in our school as a part of our school activity. I am part of the committee that prepared the questions, so lucky for you because I am sharing them here. All of them are clean and wholesome questions, feel free to modify the list if you prefer to include naughty ones to spice up the game.

  1. Would you rather be too short or too tall?
  2. Would you rather be poor and handsome or rich and ugly?
  3. Would you rather win big on slot machines and squander it all or not win it at all?
  4. Would you rather have hair all over your body or none at all?
  5. Would you rather have an exciting job with a terrible boss or a boring job with a really great boss?
  6. Would you rather be born blind and be able to see later or be able to see and lose your sight later?
  7. Would you rather live forever and always poor or live 100 years and be rich?
  8. Would you rather get rich instantly or get rich while enjoying your way towards it?
  9. Would you rather marry a girl you hate or stay a virgin all your life?
  10. Would you rather lose your phone or get your game account hacked?
  11. Would you rather own a fighter jet or a submarine?
  12. Would you rather be deaf or mute?
  13. Would you rather be a rock star or an action star?
  14. Would you rather have your shot blocked in basketball or throw an air ball?
  15. Would you rather be part of a championship team but not play even for a minute or be the star player on a team that did not win a single game?
  16. Would you rather marry someone who loves you but you don’t love or someone you love but don’t love you in return?
  17. Would you rather travel around the world or live in a palace all your life?
  18. Would you rather be a king for a day and a pauper forever thereafter or an ordinary man all your life?
  19. Would you rather attend your favorite subject under a boring professor or a boring subject under an exciting instructor?
  20. Would you rather fly like a bird or swim like a fish?
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I really enjoy reading all these would you rather questions. Keep ‘em coming. I might just find some use for them the next time we play this game.
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Here are some of the craziest would you rather questions that me and my friends at the IT department throw around when we are bored.

  1. Would you rather have no internet for a month or no water for a week?
  2. Would you rather have the latest computer with dialup internet or a gigabit internet connection and an Intel Pentium II?
  3. Would you rather play Pacman on your phone all day or watch Justin Bieber’s “Baby” music video all night?
  4. Would you rather have the best antivirus software or gigabit internet?
  5. Would you rather be the best computer programmer or the best network engineer?
  6. Would you rather own the latest iPhone or the fastest laptop?
  7. Would you rather sleep with Emilia Clarke for one night or find a brand new XBOX 360 when you get home?
  8. Would you rather paint your room red or wear an all-red outfit to work?
  9. Would you rather play on your computer all day or sit on a chair in a crowded beach?
  10. Would you rather play golf with Bill Gates or have a chat with Mark Zuckerberg?
  11. Would you rather troubleshoot a computer problem for a boss who knows everything or for a new employee who knows absolutely nothing?
  12. In a flood, would you rather save your high-end laptop or your pet dog?
  13. Would you rather have unlimited internet or unlimited pop corn?
  14. In your death bed, would you rather kiss your girlfriend goodbye or shutdown your computer properly?
  15. Would you rather be a hot, sexy chick and marry a short and ugly man or an ugly, short man and marry a hot and sexy chick?
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Here are my contributions. All my friends are crazy so pardon me if most of these would you rather questions sound out of this world.

  1. Would you rather be super handsome but cannot urinate or ugly but completely healthy?
  2. Would you rather be run over by a speeding truck or a slowly moving steam-roller?
  3. Would you rather not be able to listen to music forever or not use the internet for a year?
  4. Would you rather run naked in the desert or wear a suit in a crowded beach?
  5. Would you rather buy a pet monkey who talks or a fish that can play the piano?
  6. Would you rather know the next day’s lottery winning combination or have a rich uncle give you $10 million cash?
  7. Would you rather win the lottery and lose the winning ticket or not win it at all?
  8. Would you rather be very handsome with a one-inch penis or ugly with a 10-inch tool?
  9. Would you rather be a rock star with an angelic voice or an opera singer with a whole-body tattoo?
  10. Would you rather spend a year on an island with a gorgeous lesbian who hates men or with an extremely ugly chick?
  11. Would you rather sleep in the lion’s cage or swim with the sharks?
  12. Would you rather have thumbs for all your ten fingers or molars for all your teeth?
  13. Would you rather spend a night in jail or a day in psychiatric hospital?
  14. Would you rather eat all kinds of food and not taste them or have all kinds of food taste salty to you?
  15. Would you rather run one mile backward or swim fifty meters upstream?
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