How to increase attention span?

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I find it harder and harder to stay focused. I find my mind wandering off to thoughts that I shouldn’t be having. Sometimes I daydream when I am supposed to be working. It has nothing with any substances I am taking or not getting enough sleep. I thought I could’ve had ADHD, but I have never had this problem before, so that can’t be it. What are some tips to increase my attention span?

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One of the best ways to increase your attention span, especially on a certain subject, is to avoid getting distracted.

Remove distractions around you. Look for items that are distracting you from staying focused. If it is the window, pull the curtain. If it is the phone or computer, take that out of the room. If you work on the computer, block the websites and chat contacts who are keeping you away from important duties.

Not getting distracting while working on the computer is extremely difficult if the Internet is present. Some people find themselves looking at one webpage and then looking at another and another as a chain reaction. You may want to break this chain by working on a computer without access to the Internet.
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Stay alert in order to pay attention more. Staying awake is one issue, but staying alert is a whole another issue. Exercising regularly is one solution that can be performed anywhere in the office or in the bedroom.

Another way to stay alert is to eat healthy or take supplements. Make energy-boosting foods out of fruits and vegetables that are packed with nutrients. Getting your daily dose of vitamins and minerals is the best way to rejuvenate your body and improve your mood. Make a morning smoothie instead of buying a coffee in the store. Do not expect sugary foods to give you energy because sugar, especially soda, is likely to put you to sleep.

Go out and take a walk occasionally. To increase your attention span, divert your attention for a while. Sometimes, you try too hard to keep your attention on one topic. As a result, you do the opposite of what you intend. Taking a break every now and then allows you to clear your mind and avoid getting too bored in a situation.

To learn how to increase attention span requires a lot of time and efforts, so get prepared early and set your mind to it!
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